Having spent my life on and around the waters and lands of this entrancing world, the demonstrative textures and vivid colors of nature and the Unseen inspire and transcend my art. The passion of nature, at times both tranquil and tumultuous, provides a strong connection to the Unseen and spiritual dimensions of any existence. Nature illustrates through balance and strength of color the full spectrum of emotions that are within our capabilities as humans.

The application of paint through instruments such as sticks, leaves, pallet knives, brushes, rags, plastic, etc., provides a unique quality, consistency and visual feel to my life’s work. I prefer to work with acrylics because of a faster drying time; thus allowing the concept to transpire and develop with the initial vivacity that moves my spirit. Also, there are closer intervals towards the completion and often less obstructions, but I welcome the opportunity to work with a variety of mediums.